Association of Harrogate Apprentices


 The AOHA is open to those who undertook their training at the Army Apprentice School/College Harrogate and Members of the Permanent Staff

(Access to this website is restricted to AOHA Members Only)

 Objectives of the Association

  1.  To encourage esprit de corps by providing a means of uniting all past members of the Army Apprentices School/College, Harrogate.
  2.  To maintain old friendships by means of reunions and online contact through our website.
  3.  To keep contact, through the medium of the Hon. Secretary, all subscribing members.
  4.  To maintain and further the dignity and good name of the Army Apprentices School/College, Harrogate and of those who passed through it.


We hope that our Association will continue to grow, and we look forward to welcoming new members.

For further information:

Contact the AOHA Secretary