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“Zeitgeist” (Spirit of the Times)

The task of sponsoring the BAOR picture commission was accepted in January 2014 by 1ADSR (now 1 Sig Regt. The task of representing such a long period of service in Germany was a challenge, and the concept adopted was that of representing the changes in equipment and uniform through time to the present day. The eventual painting was produced by the selected artist Stuart Brown.

The approach chosen was to create a single scene, at first sight looking quite natural, but on closer inspection revealing the chronology and significant landmarks of our presence in BAOR. The former Soviet listening station on the Brocken is shown in rather sinister low cloud, redolent of the all-pervasive Soviet threat of the time. Just visible through the trees is the Bismarckturm, named after the Iron Chancellor who played a key role in the development of modern Germany, with the Schloss at Bisperode, the focus of many exercises, indicated left. Flying above the forest are a pair of RAF Harrier ground attack aircraft, for which Royal Signals provided tactical field communications.

The first element (left) is a Bruin communications vehicle, with soldiers erecting the radio mast, wearing 1950s battle dress. Included are a Lineman and a Dispatch Rider. The next element depicts an armoured Headquarters with interconnecting penthouse tents. The vehicle on the left is an AFV 439; the figures wear 58 pattern webbing and carry the SLR personal weapon. The third element shows a Bowman Land Rover with operator, the foreground figures wearing CS95, and carrying original pattern SA80 rifles. The final scene reveals a modern day operator on TacSat, wearing Osprey body armour and carrying the SA80 with the new fore grip attachment. A female soldier is included in this group, which is complemented by a MAN truck with communications mast.

The Rhine defines Germany both physically and emotionally, and identified the role of so many signallers, namely those of the British Army of the Rhine. It has featured prominently in the consciousness of Royal Signals, bisecting the rear and forward zones, in which so many of the Corps operated, exercised and lived. The progression of equipment and soldiers demonstrates the evolving role of the Corps, from NATO defence to Out of Area operations, and exemplifies the combination of our Corps ethos with the environment and soul of our hosts across the decades – the Spirit of the Times, or in German, Zeitgeist.

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AANM Army Apprentice National Memorial

Army Apprentice National Memorial

The joint project

How it got started


During recent years, a number of the Army Apprentice Associations have independently been considering the possibility of a memorial to the Army Apprentice Scheme.

During 2008, the Beachley Old Boys’ Association started their own Memorial project, with David Chapman (60A) at the helm. During the summer of 2009 at the Arborfield Association AGM, Maurice ‘Mo’ Hope proposed that the Association should consider a memorial to the Army Apprentice and they subsequently formed a Memorial Committee. Gordon Bonner (49B) was tasked to investigate the possibility of all the known Ex-Apprentice Associations collaborating on a project to have a single national memorial located at the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Subsequently, a Memorial Steering Committee was formed with representatives from the four associations of Chepstow, Arborfield, Harrogate and Carlisle, to firstly look at the possibility of the project and should there be agreement, to plan and implement the activity to make it happen.

Following the initial meeting of the four Association’s nominees, it was decided that a joint project was an excellent idea and that by pooling ideas and funds, a more appropriate memorial could be designed and established at the NMA, Alrewas.

The Army Apprentice National Memorial is dedicated to all the army apprentices who served their country and in memory of those who gave their lives for it.

Former apprentices or their families, were able to sponsor commemorative granite tablets, to be incorporated into the floor area of the memorial during construction. All spaces have now been taken up. This was the main fund raiser to enable the memorial to be built.

Choice of design & time scale

The AANM Trustees finalized the most appropriate design and liased with the National Memorial Arboretum concerning construction and the dedication. Through the fund raising program the memorial has been now constructed. A Constitution is in place and Charity status has been granted.

At our second meeting in December 2009, an excellent provisional design was selected, together with a supplier who had a wealth of experience and a very competitive quote. We had the approval of the Trustees of the National Memorial Arboretum and the Associations for this. The AANM Trustees have now achieved the aim to maintain a lasting memorial to the Army Apprentice now the memorial is built and dedicated.

The Appeal has raised the required funds to meet all the final costs of the Memorial and and provide a legacy payment to the NMA for on-going maintainance costs.

Contact the Memorial Trustees or the Association’s direct

Contact us through the CONTACT BOX on the website and your comment / question will be passed onto the appropriate person to answer, or telephone the Webmaster, Max Warwick (49B Arb), on 01305 871685 who may be able to answer your query.

Thank you for your interest

You can also contact the Secretary of each of the Old Boy’s Associations by telephone to answer any questions on their membership, activities or history. Email addresse’s on Association pages.

Beachley – BOBA. Derek Fox (58B) 01760 338483
Arborfield – AOBA. David (Tich) Schofield (65A) 01722 239174
Harrogate  – AOHA. Len Morland (65A) secretary@aoha.org.uk 
Carlisle  – HOBA. Colin Taylor BEM (61B ) 07731 661585

Letter to an unknown soldier

“This year’s commemoration of the outbreak of the 1914-18 War will feature the beginning of a 5 year cultural programme: 1418-NOW. We would like to invite members of your Regiment and Regimental Association to participate in Letter To An Unknown Soldier, which is the ​​major project of 1418-NOW this summer.

Letter To An Unknown Soldier will create a new war memorial and a national work of art.   Letter To An Unknown Soldier invites people to write a personal letter to the Unknown Soldier, as depicted by the figure on the war memorial at Paddington Station, London; the statue stands in full trench uniform, reading a letter.  The letters will be collected and published on-line between 28 June and 4 August.   All the letters will then form an official archive housed in the British Library, available to future generations and adding to the nation’s collection of war memorials.

Download the PDF HERE



On Platform One of Paddington Station in London, there is a statue of an unknown soldier; he’s reading a letter.

On the hundredth anniversary of the declaration of war – in this year crowded with official remembrance and ceremony – we’re inviting everyone in the country to pause, take a moment or two, and write that letter.

All of the letters that the soldier receives will be published here, for everyone to read.

Please add your voice to our project.

Official Website HERE

Joanna Lumley reads letter to unknown soldier – HERE

Unknown Soldier 01
The Times Britain at war
Unknown Soldier 02

Technology Tips

I have decided to share my knowledge of tech tips that I think may benefit others. Things I find useful and use on a regular basis. I hope you guys find them useful too.

I have been using the internet (like most people) heavily since around 1993. I remember my girlfriend asking me “What is the point of the internet?”… almost exactly after she asked the question, there was a knock at the door. We opened to find her sister very upset. When she had sat down and calmed down she told us that she had just discovered that her daughter had Loopers disease. None of us knew what is was or anything about it. I popped upstairs, switched on the US Robotics 56k modem and logged in to my Freeserve internet account. I searched for Loopers and stumbled across a Thesis that was written the day before by one of the top medical specialists in the world in that field. It explained all the symptoms and what could be done to help sufferers. I printed the 30 or so page document off, stapled it together and went back down stairs before my cup of tea had time to go cold. I handed the document to Jean and said “Here is everything you need to know about Loopers and how you can help your daughter” and I looked at my girlfriend and said… “You asked me what is the point of the internet…. well, that is the point of the internet”.

I’m still in the unfortunate position of scraping a living together during the week, so there may be relatively long periods between me up loading information, tips and tricks, however I will try not to let the gaps be too long.

One of the main sources for the things that I end up trying out is the BBC program CLICK, usually watched on the iPlayer and I usually have a pen and note pad at the ready to jot down interesting websites or apps to try.

There are many things that the programme suggest that I just find fascinating, but here is not the place to list them all… I would probably just bore you all.

I am currently a self employed Web Designer and Internet Consultant. I help companies use existing internet technologies to assist their businesses. I help them improve the performance of their websites in the relevant Google search results against their target keywords and keyword phrases. I help companies understand how they can use social media to enhance their marketing.


 FIRECHAT APP:   TIP 05-07-2014:




FireChat is a free chatting app that adapts whether you’re connected to the Internet or off-the-grid – meaning even when there is no Internet connection or even cellular phone coverage. Currently available for iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 7, it’s designed especially for group chat. Join the Global chat to connect to the global community of FireChat users, or switch to Nearby mode to chat with folks around you, even if you’re not connected to the Internet.

What makes this new and different from other messaging apps?

FireChat introduces a whole new way to chat: “off-the-grid”.

Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection. It’s ideal for where it’s crowded and the signal is throttled (such as at a conference, a concert, or at a big game) and places where getting any signal at all is difficult if not impossible (eg; when camping, at the beach, or on the subway). Additionally, FireChat could be used to communicate with your neighbors in the wake of a natural disaster, when oftentimes centralized communications infrastructure goes down.

• Instantly message anyone around you on mobile devices.
• Chat and share photos with one person or with a group,
• See what people are talking about everywhere, or create conversations that only people near you can join,
• Works even without any 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection,
• The Nearby mode works best within 30 feet of your location,
• Easy: no Facebook or email login, no password to remember,
• Use it at home or when travelling anywhere in the world,
• No significant impact on battery consumption,
• FireChat is available for iphone and Android phones

Why use it?
If you are on a beach, on a train at a concert, or shopping mall where there might not be a mobile or internet signal then you could still have contact with friends and family because the app uses the independent communication capabilities of your device to create independent, secure, communications networks  (using blue tooth and wi-fi). The more people that use the app the better communications will be.

So, if you are planning to come to this years reunion, why not install the app and set up your username as your army nick name and the term you joined. My username (Call sign) is already set to Spud 79c. I look forward to seeing just how many of you actually install this.

Go to App Store or Play on Android and search for FireChat


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The photo gallery has been recently updated… why don’t you go and take a look. If you have any images you would like to share with us they will be gratefully received.

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