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Photos kindly provided by Paul Taylor (53B) – Images of AGM 2014 – Reception Night

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Photos kindly provided by Len Morland – Images of AAC Harrogate 1965 – 67

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General photos salvaged from the previous website – various providers, thanks to you all.


AAS 001 – Four teams here from juniors in front to permanent staff at back. The nucleus of our final team depicted in your photo No. 13/28 is in the third row back. Probably 1957 again.

AAS 002 – Somehow Sir Stanley Rous got to know of our team’s exploits and brought a North of England youth team to play us. The result was a 2-2 draw.  I am on the left (blinked at the wrong time) and most of the rest can be identified in your photo No. 13/28.

AAS 006 – I think this includes all of the 55A  BCoy personnel prior to leaving for ‘Outward Bound’ to Wales 1957. I could probably name about 22 of these if wanted.

AAS 005 – I think this was a trade training group photo – part of intake 55A (B Coy). I am far right standing, and of the others I actually met two during my later army service and another two in the company I worked for after demob. Another four I have been in contact with in the last couple of years either by Email or phone. There are two that I know of that made senior officers.