“We Need Your Support”

Membership of the Association is open to ALL Ex Harrogate Apprentices and permanent staff, both military and civilian. A yearly subscription is paid to assist the running of the Association.

As agreed at the 2007 AGM yearly subs will be £8.00 as from 1st Jan 2009. £2 per member will be donated to the Army Benevolent Fund.

Membership Renewals: For those who do not pay by standing order, could you please make cheques payable to “Association of Harrogate Apprentices”and send them to:

The Hon.Treasurer AOHA

10 Garrett Court,

Oakley,Basingstoke, Hants RG23 7EZ


It increases the costs of postage to the association if you send them to any other committee member.”

Objectives of the Association

1. To encourage esprit de corps by providing a means of uniting all past membrs of the Army Apprentices School/College, Harrogate.

2. To maintain old friendships by means of social gatherings.

3. To keep contact, through the medium of the Membership Secretary, of all subscribing members.

4. Generally to maintain and further the dignity and good name of the Army Apprentices School/College, Harrogate and of those who passed through it.

Anyone wishing to join should contact the Honorary Secretary:

Len Morland (65A)

22 Kibbles Lane, Southborough,

Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 0JR 

Telephone: 07918 606 740


Please email or call the treasurer using the above details